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Financial research

  • Crunchbase: Crunchbase is the destination for discovering industry trends, investments, and news about hundreds of thousands of public and private companies globally. Good for finding what people are invested in. [1]
  • Bizapedia: We are the experts in providing FREE online Company Search, People Search, Address Search, Phonebook Search, and Trademark Search tools [2]
  • find big Super PAC donors, among other things. Various records. [3]
  • International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: Lots of leaked information about corporations [4]
  • Property Shark: sign up required. Find who owns properties in the US [5]

Missing Persons

  • North American Missing Persons Network: has missing persons info back into the 80's [6]
added to the Continents and Countries [7] section of the front page
  • Polly Klaas: list of missing children [8]
added to the US page [9]

Other relevant resources

  • Pizzagate mindmap (see topics how they connect) [11] [12]


  • (website about book) "The Bush dynasty, America's invisible government, and the hidden history of the last fifty years"
  • Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today newsletter was founded in 1995 by Neil Brick. [15]
  • PPL - Pound Pup Legacy - exposing the dark side of adoption [16]
Inspired by stories shared by birth parents, adoptive parents, and adult adoptees, PPL explores the dark side of adoption, and the consequences illegal and unethical actions have on future family-life and the well-being of those affected by adoption. Too many children are placed for the benefit of agencies and based on the demands of prospective adoptive parents. Too many children are placed in inappropriate homes because the business interests of adoption agencies have higher priority than the safety of children. PPL documents and archives cases where the child placement system did not work in the best interest of the child and we offer a platform for those who want to express their thoughts and feelings about the dark side of child adoption.

video/webpage help

  • Video Converter: Good for saving youtube videos to your computer [18]
  • Snagscope app to download live and previous periscope videos [19]

more distant history

scientific journals/articles

  • Psychiatry Journal compilation of resources/links/research regarding: A Profile of Pedophilia: Definition, Characteristics of Offenders, Recidivism, Treatment Outcomes, and Forensic Issues [20]