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a Ronald "Ron" Burkle
Ronald "Ron" Burkle


Generally Accepted Facts from Wikipedia

Ronald ["Ron"] Wayne Burkle (born November 12, 1952) is an American investor and philanthropist. He is co-founder and managing partner of The Yucaipa Companies, LLC, a private equity and venture capital firm that specializes in underperforming U.S. companies in the distribution, logistics, food, retail, consumer and light industrial sectors. Yucaipa has executed grocery chain mergers and acquisitions involving supermarket chains including Fred Meyer, Ralphs, and Jurgensen's, and owns stakes in about 35 companies including grocery chains A&P and Whole Foods Market.

Burkle’s net worth is estimated at $2.9 billion. He was ranked #633 on Forbes' list of “The Richest People On The Planet 2014.”

Burkle is a prominent Democratic activist and fundraiser.

Relationship with #Pizzagate

Connection to Bill Clinton


Burkle and Bill Clinton were very close friends for many years.

From the 2008 New Republic article, "Friends Like These...":[1]

He's never been accused of any crimes, but Ron Burkle lies at the center of any innuendo about Bill Clinton’s post-presidential life. A much-commented-upon May 2006 New York Times article stated, “Mr. Clinton is rarely without company in public, yet the company he keeps rarely includes his wife. Nights out find him zipping around Los Angeles with his bachelor buddy, Ronald W. Burkle.” The zippy Burkle, friends with Bill since 1992, often flies the former president in his private Boeing 575, described by Clinton as "Ron Air" and "Air Force Two." Burkle, also reportedly a “longtime friend” of Michael Jackson, has thrown lavish fund-raisers for Hillary at Green Acres, his Hollywood estate. Rumors abound about the supermarket billionaire’s private life. “Page Six” covered Bill's bachelor buddy unfavorably, writing that he used the jet to entertain young models--and that he was dating Gisele Bundchen. Burkle then made headlines by secretly recording an alleged extortion attempt by a reporter for the gossip column. He has also been accused of using his influence as a Democratic donor to speed a law through the California legislature that would have kept the records of his messy divorce proceedings sealed.

That Boeing 757 was also referred to as "Air Fuck One":[2]

Air Fuck One.jpeg

Falling Out

Burkle and Bill Clinton would have a public falling out in 2007.[3] The reason often given by news sources and implied by Burkle was because Burkle had gotten Clinton involved in the Yucaipa mess with Raffaello Follieri.[4] However, 2007 was also the year sex offender Jeffrey Epstein would be arrested and Clinton and Burkle had flown on Epstein's 727, the "Lolita Express," several times according to flight logs.[5] 2007 would also be the year the public would learn Burkle was giving Michael Jackson advice during Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial.

2007 was a big year for Ron Burkle.

Jared Paul Stern defamation case

Bill Clinton (and Hillary Clinton) would also be co-defendants with Burkle, in Jared Paul Stern's defamation case. Under penalty of perjury, Jared Paul Stern alleged in his complaint, among other things, that Burkle and Bill Clinton were sexually involved with minors. No charges of perjury against Stern were ever brought, however, and all government investigations into Stern were dropped without charges. For more on the Jared Paul Stern case, see the section of this wiki below: Jared Paul Stern's Verified Complaint.

Connection to the Clinton Foundation

In conjunction with Steve Bing, Burkle made a billion dollar commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, part of the Clinton Foundation, in 2006.[6]

Connection to convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein

Burkle and Bill Clinton had flown on sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's 727, the "Lolita Express," several times according to flight logs.[7]

Falling Out


Connection to Raffaello Follieri

For information on Raffaello Follieri and the Vati-Con scandal, visit Raffaello Follieri's page.

Connection to repeatedly alleged pedophile, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and Burkle are known to be friends. According to Michael Jackson, Burkle even gave Jackson advice during his 2005 child molestation trial (Note: the same case where actor Chris Tucker would be the star defense witness). Fox News (using material from the Associated Press) reported in 2007, "Jackson testified that during his trial he received wise advice during bathroom break cell phone calls with Burkle, the billionaire friend of former President Bill Clinton."[9]

Additional Source:[10]

Connection to Danny A and Steve Bing

Gawker staff had heard a rumor that Bill Clinton visited Graydon Carter to stop Vanity Fair from running an expose on sex offender Jeffrey Epstein when Epstein was arrested for illicit activities with underage girls in 2007. The expose also related to other people in Clinton's circle, including Burkle and his ties to promoter Danny A and Steve Bing

From Gawker on September 24th, 2007 in article entitled, The Truth About Jeffrey Epstein and 'Vanity Fair':[11]

Here are some of the crazed rumors we've heard about the Vanity Fair story that John Connolly is writing about alleged financier-perv* billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, of whom it is alleged that he retained a procurer of underage girls. Oh my God, we heard that Bill Clinton came into 4 Times Square and told Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter that this expose of Epstein must not run and of course Graydon folded like a paper doll. And also we heard alleged former Epstein alleged friend Ron Burkle is Danny A's backer on every club he opens and Burkle does that to harvest pretty young things then flies them to L.A. and allegedly sells them to Epstein and alleged movie-producer Steve "Bing Laden" Bing and it is this cabal of partying hedonists that has prevented the piece from running!

Connection to Publicist/Fixer Mike Sitrick

From, Mike Sitrick, Paris Hilton's New Best Friend, by Doree Shafrir, June 25th, 2007:[12]

Billionaire businessman Burkle is indeed a longtime client of his—Sitrick orchestrated the sting of Jared Paul Stern last year, then defended Burkle in the press when the whole thing threatened to blow up in his face—but his client list is staggeringly wide-ranging.

Additional Sources: [13], [14]

For more Sitrick's role in the Jared Paul Stern case, see the section of this wiki below: Jared Paul Stern's Verified Complaint.

Connection to Cerberus Capital Management, parent company of DynCorp, a defense contractor that engages in child sex trafficking

Burkle was reportedly an investor in Cerberus Capital Management.[15]

Cerberus Capital Management is the parent company of DynCorp International.[16]

Burkle would later be named as a defendant in a class action suit by Cerberus Capital Management. It is unclear what the nature of the case was (other than a violation of the Securities Exchange Act) and, for the moment, only the docket is available. Burkle is listed on page 4 of 19: File:Cerberus Capital Management Class Action Suit.pdf

Connection to private investigator Anthony Pellicano


Connection to Yusef Jackson and Jesse Jackson

Burkle and the Jackson family are long time friends.[citation needed] Jesse Jackson would also help Michael Jackson in the 2005 child molestation case.

Jared Paul Stern Blackmail Scandal

This scandal, involving NY Post writer, Jared Stern, would lead to Burkle's next controversy involving his ownership of Radar magazine.

From Wikipedia:[18]

Jared Paul Stern is an American-Canadian editor, publisher, photographer, designer and former freelance reporter and columnist for the New York Post who gained national notoriety when he was accused by California billionaire businessman Ron Burkle of alleged extortion. Prior to the scandal, Stern had written for the popular "Page Six" column for 11 years.

More from Wikipedia:[19]

In April 2006, supermarket magnate and Democratic fundraiser Ron Burkle released selectively edited transcripts of six minutes of videotape of two face-to-face meetings he had had with Stern the previous month. In the sections made available to the media, Stern appears to try to extort $220,000 from Burkle in exchange for "protection" from inaccurate reporting about the billionaire in Stern's gossip columns. Burkle released copies of e-mails from Stern in which Stern inquires about the status of expected payments. Burkle had previously complained about erroneous stories about himself in the Post to Rupert Murdoch, his neighbor and owner of the newspaper, in a personal letter, to which Murdoch reportedly never responded.

Stern claims in a series of published interviews that he had been "set up" by Burkle, and was only in meetings with him to discuss a possible investment in his clothing company, Skull & Bones.

The Post suspended Stern while the video clips were made public, and fired him on April 21, 2006. Criminal charges have not been filed against Stern; federal prosecutors handed the case to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who declined to prosecute.

In October, 2006, an unnamed source leaked to the press that Stern had landed a contract with Simon & Schuster to publish a book, tentatively to be called Stern Measures, about the Post, its gossip pages, and various scandals with which he is familiar. However, on August 7, 2007, reported that the book deal had been cancelled.

In January 2007, the Associated Press ran a story saying that the federal investigation into Stern had been dropped. Stern later filed an unsuccessful civil lawsuit against not only Burkle, but also Frank Renzi, Michael Sitrick, William Sherman, The New York Daily News, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton, claiming libel, emotional distress, interference in business relationship, injurious falsehood, abuse of process, and civil conspiracy.

The Radar Magazine Ownership Coverup

(Under Investigation) The Radar magazine ownership controversy.

  • [20] HuffPo Eat the Press Sept 29, 2006 "Of Karma and Disclosure" Radar, Page Six and the Grace of God
  • [21] AdWeek Fishbowl NY, Should Page Six-Attacking 'Radar' Disclose Its Relationship with Ron Burkle?
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Stern's case against Burkle, the Clintons and others for defamation

Case Information

Supreme Court of the State of New York, Count of New York

Jared Paul Stern, Plaintiff v. Ron Burkle, Frank Renzi, Michael Sitrick, William Sherman, the New York Daily News, Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, Defendants

Index Number: 103916/07t

Verified Complaint

PDF Scanned Copy of the Summons and Verified Complaint:File:Jared complaint 2007.pdf

A VerIfied Complaint is different from a normal Complaint, in that the plaintiff swears to the allegations, under penalty of perjury:[24]

A complaint where the plaintiff (or, in limited cases, the plaintiff's counsel) swears to the allegations, demonstrating to a court that the plaintiff has investigated the charges against the defendant and found them to be of substance. In many jurisdictions, a complaint does not need to be verified unless a rule or statute specifically states otherwise.

Here are some highlights. Remember, these claims were all made in a legal complaint by Jared Paul Stern, under penalty of perjury. No such perjury charges were ever brought, and both FBI and US Attorney's Office investigations against Jared Paul Stern would be dropped, as discussed in the complaint itself and further below.

12. During the past few years, Defendant Burkle, a powerful, politically connected billionaire who socializes with celebrities and carries on sexual liaisons with fashion models, some of whom are under the age of consent, became increasingly upset at what he perceived as unflattering coverage in the New York Post.
45. By manufacturing the scandal aimed at incriminating Mr. Stern, Defendants Burkle, [Frank] Renzi, [Mike] Sitrick, and the Clintons hoped to divert and intimidate journalists who might attempt to report on their illegal activity or publish embarrassing revelations of Burkle and Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct, including Clinton's extramarital affairs facilitated by Burkle, and sexual activity with minors, and even more importantly dissuade negative coverage of the numerous scandals that have been attributed and which will undoubtedly be uncovered about Hillary Clinton as she runs for the presidency in 2008.

Additional Links

US Attorney's Office case against Stern

  • Gawker - Stern not charged [29]

Connection to former member of Clinton Secret Service detail, Frank Renzi

[30] [31]

Connection to John Kasich


Connection to The Gawker Shutdown

From the Forbes magazine article, The Rise of Ron Burkle, by Mathew Miller, published on December 11, 2006:[33]

Burkle also has been slapped around by the bitchy media blog citings since March. When one item unfavorably contrasted him with a financier he detests, Burkle's lawyers launched a letter demanding a retraction and an apology. Gawker editors jeered and posted the letter for all to see; a day later apologized, acidly.

The financier referred to was, of course, Jeffrey Epstein.[34] It appears Burkle and Epstein were constantly vying for Bill Clinton's attention, and perhaps even made similar "offerings."[35]

Connection to Judge Walter B. Tolub

[36][Archived Version]

Connection to Robert De Niro

From the New York Daily News article, Robert De Niro ex-lover wedding reunion, published on March 10, 2008:[37]

It was a family affair for Robert De Niro last weekend at the lavish wedding of his son in the Bahamas.
David Blaine entertained other guests, including Harvey Keitel, Chazz Palminteri and Ron Burkle, with card tricks. He and Butter owner Richie Akiva enjoyed a weekend playing poker and blackjack at the Ocean Club and Cain at the Cove.

Connection to Ashton Kutcher


Connection to Sean Combs (P. Diddy)


Connection to alleged sex abuser, Harvey Weinstein

Connection to Eli Broad

From the New York Times article, Odd Couple Ponder Bid for Tribune, by Geraldine Fabrikant and Laura M. Holsonjan, published on January 16th, 2007:[40]

They seem an unlikely pair: Eli Broad, the straight-talking billionaire whose art collection and philanthropic efforts to revitalize downtown Los Angeles have put him happily in the public eye, and Ronald W. Burkle, the supermarket mogul, Democratic fund-raiser and F.O.B. (friend of Bill Clinton) who tries — usually unsuccessfully — to avoid publicity.

By tomorrow, the two men will decide whether their unlikely partnership should go forward in serious pursuit of the Tribune Company, owner of two dozen TV stations, the Chicago Cubs and 11 daily newspapers, including The Chicago Tribune, Newsday and — most important to Mr. Broad and Mr. Burkle — The Los Angeles Times..


Exactly what the agendas of Mr. Broad and Mr. Burkle might be — and where their elbows might fly — is difficult to measure. Neither would comment. Both have expressed interest in owning The Times as a civic duty. But some people who know both men wonder whether they will be able to work together. Mr. Broad and Mr. Burkle have very little in common, they say. “They are both interesting men, but they are from different worlds,” said Richard Riordan, the former Los Angeles mayor. He has traveled with both men on a yacht leased by Mr. Broad in Italy and Greece.

Neither man is part of the traditional Hollywood studio crowd. When asked about the two, several studio executives said they did not know them or did not know them well.

In those circles, Mr. Burkle, 54, is best known for his friendship with Stephen Bing, the film producer who fathered a child with both the actress Elizabeth Hurley and Kirk Kerkorian’s former wife, Lisa. Mr. Burkle is also a political ally of Mr. Clinton and has allowed him to use his jet.

Additional Source:[42]

In the end, however, real estate entrepreneur Sam Zell would succeed in buying the Tribune Co.[43]

Connection to Michael Ovitz and the Gay Mafia

From the Vanity Fair article, Michael Ovitz, Take Two, by Ned Zeman, published in April 2001:[44]

Then, teaming with supermarket mogul Ron Burkle, Ovitz tried to bring an N.F.L. franchise to Los Angeles. But he and Burkle clashed. So did Ovitz and financier Eli Broad, who was part of a different L.A. bid group. Ultimately, for reasons having nothing to do with personality, the franchise was awarded to Houston.

Ovitz and Burkle later clashed again over their investment in, a controversial entertainment and Napster-like music-exchange Web site, after the two men could not agree on a sale price for a potential suitor. Burkle, in conjunction with Scour’s founders, held out for roughly $100 million. Ovitz, who owned a minority stake, wanted to sell it for about $50 million—and not a moment too soon, since Scour had created genuine conflict-of-interest concerns for AMG, whose music clients surely did not want their material exchanged free of charge. (Ovitz notes that file-exchange technology did not exist when he first invested in Scour.) Ultimately, Scour filed for bankruptcy and was sold. Although the two partners may eventually recoup their money, they are unlikely to re-team on future investments. Neither would confirm rumors that each feels that the other owes him money—millions of dollars, by some estimates.

However, Ovitz and Burkle's animosity toward one another would go even deeper when, what Ovitz refers to as the "Gay Mafia," turned on him. Ovitz would hire private investigator Anthony Pellicano to investigate members of the Gay Mafia, including Ron Burkle.

From the Huffington Post article,Pellicano Trial: What They Didn’t Ask Michael Ovitz, by Allison Hope Weiner, published on April 22nd, 2008 :[45]

“Ovitz responded that he asked Pellicano to obtain information about individuals who were either providing, or spreading around, personal and/or negative information about Ovitz....” the F.B.I. 302 notes. “Ovitz said the list of individuals was 15 to 20 people long and included [RON] BURKLE, [RON] MEYER, BERNIE WEINRAUB, JAMES CASEY, ARTHUR BERNIER, and DAVID GEFFEN. Both Ovitz and Pellicano contributed names to the list.”



Connection to David Geffen

From Forbes article, The Six Degrees of Ron Burkle, by Matthew Miller, published on November 22, 2006:[47]

Geffen, Burkle’s neighbor in Beverly Hills, introduced Burkle to investor Eddie Lampert in 2002. Burkle nearly became Lampert’s partner in the bankruptcy buyout of Kmart before pulling out at the last minute. Burkle and Geffen are likely headed for a showdown in the battle for the Los Angeles Times. Geffen has yet to bid on the paper or its parent company, Tribune. But word is he’s angling for it.


Purchase the Press

Ronald Burkle, tired of bad press it seems, tried to buy the Tribune Co., which owns the LA Times, but failed.[48] Burkle did succeed in purchasing the gossip blog, Radar Online.

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