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Coat of arms of the Rothschild family
Coat of arms of the Rothschild family

The Rothschild family is often touted by conspiracy theorists to be the richest family on earth with an astronomically estimated combined worth of $500 trillion. However, Forbes magazine currently lists the Saudi royal family (House of Saud) as the richest family in the world with a net worth of $1.4 trillion followed by the Rothschild family at $350 billion. The richest American family is the Walton family ($139 billion as of 2017).

The Rothschild lineage is generally traced to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a Jewish German banker (Court Jew) born in 1744 who managed the finances of the Landgraviate of Hess-Kassel in northern Hesse, Germany and considered the "founding father of international finance".


Evelyn de Rothschild (wife Lynn Forester de Rothschild)

Nathaniel Rothschild

Connection to the Dutroux Affair

  • Viscount Etienne Davignon- Became head of the cabinet of Paul-Henri Spaak in 1964 (as a follow up of Baron Robert Rothschild ...In 1982, as Industry Commissioner, Davignon challenged Pehr Gyllenhammar (Volvo, Chase Manhattan, Kissinger Associates, Aspen Institute; later on managing director of Lazard, vice chairman of Rothschild Europe, and chairman of Rothschild Pension Funds... Davignon works with Delors at PlaNet Finance, an institution which also counts the involvement of - Pehr Gyllenhammar (Chase; Lazard; Rothschild...
  • Charles De Selliers De Moranville - Frédéric De Selliers De Moranville was a member of Cercle de Lorraine and an executive vice president of Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild - Genève in 2006.
  • Pierre Ferbus - Said to be a homosexual and former banker at Banque Bruxelles Lambert, which for over a century was the major Rothschild bank in Belgium and has numerous people on its board who have been accused of child abuse.
  • Count Maurice Lippens - Director Société Européenne de Venture Capital in the 1970s, of which the main shareholders were the Agnelli and Rothschild Groups.
  • King Albert II of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha - During this time he was a competitor of Cecil Rhodes and other imperialists while his own adventures in Democratic Republic of the Congo were financed by Baron Leon Lambert (Baron Lambert?), who in turn was an agent of the Rothschilds, just as Cecil Rhodes.
  • Count Jean-Pierre de Launoit - It took an active role in the management of corporations it had a significant stake in. Banque de Bruxelles merged with the Rothschild's Banque de Lambert in 1975 to form Groupe Bruxelles de Lambert (GBL).
  • Philippe de Patoul - Began his professional career at Banque Lambert (GBL since 1975) of the Rothschild cousins.
  • Count Yann de Meeus d'Argenteuil - Count Ferdinand de Meeus (1798-1861), nicknamed at the time "the Rothschild of Belgium", became governor of Societe Generale in 1830, during the revolution in which Belgium seceded from the Netherlands.
  • Axel Vervoordt - Sting, Bill Gates, and Madonna are among his clients, supposedly just as the Rothschilds, Saudi Arabia royals, Otto von Habsburg, and Hans Melchers (of the Dutch Melchemie who was involved in selling chemicals to Iraq in the 1980s).

Connection to Hollywood

  • a Rothschild was assistant director and producer for The Truman Show [1]

Connection to Tim Burton

his ex-wife Helena Bonham Carter is a Rothschild on her maternal side

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