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Samantha Louise "Sam" Taylor-Johnson OBE (née Taylor-Wood, born 4 March 1967) is an English filmmaker, photographer and visual artist. Her directorial feature film debut came in 2009 with Nowhere Boy, a film based on the childhood experiences of the Beatles songwriter and singer John Lennon. She is one of a group of artists known as the Young British Artists.

Marriages and children

Taylor-Johnson married art dealer and gallerist Jay Jopling in 1997. Together they have two daughters: Angelica (born June 1997) and Jessie Phoenix (born November 2005). In September 2008, the couple announced that they were separating amicably after 11 years of marriage. Taylor-Johnson began a relationship with Nowhere Boy star Aaron Johnson, after meeting on the 2009 set of the film when he was 18 and she was 42. The couple announced their engagement at the film's premiere in October 2009. They married at Babington House, Somerset on 21 June 2012 and both took the name Taylor-Johnson. The couple have two daughters together: Wylda Rae (born 7 July 2010) and Romy Hero (born 18 January 2012).

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to Tony Podesta

Tony Podesta is the owner of Taylor-Wood's work, Soliloquy VII.

From the Washington Post article, Married, With Art, by Jessica Dawson, published on September 23rd, 2004:[3]

Though pictures rotate on and off the walls of the couple's homes, a piece in the Woodley Park living room stays. Called "Soliloquy VII," the nearly eight-foot-tall color photo by British artist Sam Taylor-Wood is an update of a late-15th-century painting of the dead Jesus. Taylor-Wood faithfully replicates the original's composition, here photographing, in vivid color and minute detail, a young man laid out on his back. Just one thing: Taylor-Wood omits the shroud, displaying his subject in all his nakedness.

Though often politely ignored, "Soliloquy VII" is rarely forgotten. Tony and Heather love it. They crane their necks to hear the whispers generated when the pols stop in. Tony often uses the work to launch into a story about Hillary Clinton's visit, when she ducked and tiptoed around the work lest any photo opportunity capture her alongside the naked figure.

The work is described as such on the blog,[4]

Taylor-Wood's Soliloquy VII comprises a portrait of a seemingly unconscious man lying across a bed. It is taken from the perspective of the viewer standing at the foot of the bed upon which he appears to be laying.
a Soliloquy VII by Sam Taylor-Wood [1]
Solilquy VII by Sam Taylor-Wood [2]

Connection to White Cube, UK-based art gallery