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Pedophile Symbol in Music Video

In the Sex Stains' Land of La La (Official Video), a prominently-displayed symbol closely resembles the symbol in pedophile codes for “Boy Lover”:(YouTube Link - visible starting at the 27th second)

a Still from Sex Stains' music video
Still from Sex Stains' music video

Band Response

From YouTube description for Land of La La (Official Video):[1]

Band statement regarding Pizzagate:

To Whom It may Concern, 

Sex Stains. 
A band name we decided on after 100 suggestions by random people on Facebook because every name we could think up was already taken.
We are just a punk rock band from L.A.
We are NOT pedophiles. Just the thought of that is sickening!

What the hell happened here?
A few months ago, we passed through DC on a week long mini tour. We booked a show at Comet. We were told it's an ok place for bands to play, so we did. That's about the extent of our involvement with or knowledge of this venue.

Before going on that tour, we made a video with Cassandra Hamilton, a L.A. artist that has made videos for a few bands in the local rock scene. We had no budget but she was willing
to help us make a video for our song Land Of La La (a common term used to refer to Los Angeles because of the sometimes flakey & aloof people that live here). There was no real concept for the video other than making it very colorful & exciting to watch.
The director invited (the band & a few friends) to create some props, suggesting boxes & paintings, anything we could put together cheaply & quickly to fill some space up in the shots of the band playing/dancing/goofing off. We bought party supplies, gags, glitter. Any cheap crap we could. This was an endeavor in fun. There was absolutely NO PLOT to purposefully use offensive symbols or to mess with peoples heads. There was/is ZERO interest in anything having to do with children. No one in the band had any knowledge of the triangle/spirals horrid symbolism. We're shocked & disgusted by the theory that we are somehow linked to Pedophelia rings or Satanic cults, and also by the hateful comments & accusations we've been receiving. WE ARE NOT pedophiles and do NOT support or promote it. Period. Again, we are just a punk rock band.

Relationship to #Pizzagate

a Poster for Sex Stains performance at Comet Ping Pong
Poster for Sex Stains performance at Comet Ping Pong

Connection to Comet Ping Pong

Sex Stains is one of the artists that performs at Comet Ping Pong.