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They are known for what is possibly the most extreme top-down editorial policy, bordering that of censorship and propaganda of self-interest. [1]

The New York Times' majority shareholder is Carlos Slim [2], a drug lord [3] and ally to the Clinton Foundation and the 2016 Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton [4].

Carlos Slim has been accused of Satanic ritual abuse and human trafficking (victim interview and translations).

Role in Pizzagate

The New York Times has greatly criticized the Pizzagate meme for promoting "fake news" [5]. However, editors within their own organization are embarrassed by the promotion of fake news on the New York Times website [6]. Their initial "debunking" of Pizzagate on November 21, 2016 led to a subsequent firestorm of news reports on "fake news" and criticism of Pizzagate and those interested in it. The United States Congress even passed a measure to take action against alleged Russian intelligence operations which they believe to be the root cause of "fake news" [7].

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