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Mission Statement

The #Pizzagate Wiki compiles, edits, and archives various facts and testimonies regarding crimes, potential abuses of power and disinformation perpetrated by governments and corporations throughout the world with a particular emphasis on child abuse and trafficking. Our goal is to present massive amounts of research in an easy-to-follow and meaningful way, but to also to maintain a principle of objectivity so as not to confuse facts with opinions. We seek to replace speculation with constructive dialogue and honest evaluation of evidence, facts, and witnesses.

The #Pizzagate Wiki project does not accept financial donations to operate itself and is solely dependent on volunteer effort. Contributors and readers alike, however, are free to use research compiled here for their own publications. Ultimately the Pizzagate Wiki is to serve as a collaborative platform for like-minded researchers to share facts, theories and ideas with one another with respect to each other's anonymity.

Rules and Guidelines

Do not plagiarize

When using information from another source and especially when using facts and statistics, always ensure you are citing some sort of reference to the source. When re-posting information from websites sites like Voat and Reddit make sure to reference the user who posted the information used. Better yet, dig deeper and find sources for that post. All this helps corroborate claims and maintain objectivity, plus plagiarism is in complete contradiction to the Mission Statement.

Protect anonymity of sources

Not all sources want to be known, but should be archived somewhere other than #Pizzagate Wiki so claims can be validated. As far as the Wiki, still cite a reference, but simply as [Confidential].

Remain objective when writing on pages

Express opinions and speculations on appropriate discussion pages, but keep pages themselves strictly limited to verifiable statements and facts.

Try to use passive, rather than active voice to structure sentences more objectively.

Unless they are from a quote, avoid using emotionally charged and subjective words (unless of course on a Discussion page). To be taken seriously as an investigator, you should take your contributions seriously.

Passive vs active voice
Passive vs active voice

Contributors are not to accept individual donations on behalf of Pizzagate Wiki content

See Mission Statement

Do not harass or stalk any social media accounts

Not only is this illegal, but completely unnecessary, unproductive, and in contradiction of the Mission Statement.

Use to link to sources and especially websites you do not trust or pages that may change frequently, like other Wikis

In rare cases might not work. In that case, make sure the page is being saved on (The Wayback Machine) so that it's at least backed up somewhere other than the source.

If nothing else seems to work, copy the page's source code and paste it in a Pastebin document (to be accessed via web).