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The Sure Foundation
The Sure Foundation


The Mission of The Sure Foundation is to meet the urgent and wholistic needs of children who have been victims of civil unrest, war or who are living in a state of poverty, suffering, turmoil or instability.

Source: The Sure Foundation, Inc.(archived version)

Relation to #Pizzagate

Connection to MZM (Athena Innovative Solutions) and the U.S. military

The Sure Foundation is proud to have MZM, Inc. as its first corporate sponsor! MZM, Inc. has been generous in its giving and has enabled The Sure Foundation to broaden and expand its base of giving.

Source: The Sure Foundation, Inc.(archived version)

Global projects while owned by Veritas Capital

The Sure Foundation has listed countries in which they would engage in orphanage projects, which many researchers have noted as peculiar.[1] These countries include Kosovo, Serbia, Afghanistan, and Haiti, which have all been noted on this site before as being countries victimized by child trafficking and/or human rights violations perpetrated by private military corporations. They describe projects which have been completed or are "in progress" at these given countries.


The Sure Foundation granted $5,000 to the Great Falls Christian Center for Dave Johnson to build the volleyball court. As the general contractor for the volleyball project, Dave will hire qualified craftsmen and able laborers from the village to do the work. The supplies will be purchased locally, using as many of the businesses in Krushe e Vogel as possible to accomplish this goal. Any remaining funds will be used to install a short block wall behind the soccer field to stop the hill erosion and backstop fences behind the soccer goals. 

Source: The Sure Foundation


Aagora, Inc. requested funds to expand and equip the existing kitchen to accommodate 150 children every day. The lunches made there are served to poor and refugee children living in the area. The Board of Directors of The Sure Foundation decided to provide the full funding of $28,000.00 for the Church of St. George The Martyr for the renovation of the kitchen. 

Source: The Sure Foundation


CARE USA requested funds to expand the COPE project into the Nawor District in Afghanistan to educate 330 children for one year in the Nawor District in Afghanistan. The Sure Foundation is partnering with CARE by providing $25,500.00 for Office Supplies and Equipment, Vehicles and Transportation, Training of VEC, Teachers and Parents, and School Materials and Equipment. See the report below to see the project's progress to date. 

Source: The Sure Foundation


The Sure Foundation has granted over $9,000 to support the orphanage in the following ways: the installation of a water system for in-house toilets and bathing facilities and the construction of a playing field and apparatus for the children as their opportunities for wandering about in free play are limited. 

Source: The Sure Foundation

Past Directors of The Sure Foundation

Mitchell J. Wade

Mitchell J. Wade, who initially founded MZM, Inc. in 1993 and had to sell the company to Veritas Capital in 2005.[2] Despite stepping down as CEO of MZM and Director of The Sure Foundation, Mitchell J. Wade would remain treasurer of The Sure Foundation until at least 2008.

Lt. Gen. James C. King

In addition to being a corporate sponsor of The Sure Foundation, Lt. Gen. James C. King, President and CEO of Athena Innovative Solutions[3] and MZM[4], was also the Director of The Sure Foundation at during this same time period around 2005.[5] King was also a member of the professional staff for the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction, also referred to as the Silberman-Robb Commission.[6]

Major General Bernard "Burn" Loeffke

Major General Bernard "Burn" Loeffke was also Director of The Sure Foundation as well as an executive of Athena Innovative Solutions while they were owned by Veritas Capital.[7]

Dawn Kirk

In the three years ended 2004, the Sure Foundation's total grants amounted to a whopping $390k and for that, it took fourteen board members, four advisors and Dawn Kirk
Dawn Kirk is listed on the White House website as the person from the Sure Foundation to contact about the Spring 2003 White House Fellows Alumni International Trip to the Northern Ireland Reconciliation Camp in Sligo Ireland.
Also attending camp in Northern Ireland during one of Sure's week's in July 2003 were a couple of the Sure Foundation directors,
retired Major General Bernard "Burn" Loeffke and Department of Energy employee, Tatiana Strajnic.
The foundation made "donations" of $10k and $3k in 2002 and 2003, respectively, to the West Ireland Camp & Conference Center, PO Box 593550, Orlando FL 32859-3550, according to the 990s. I checked the Florida secretary of state database but no West Ireland Camp is listed in Orlando.


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