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Personal Life

  • previously married to Helena Bonham Carter (she is a part of the Rothschild Family on her maternal side [1])

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to the film, Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Paul Reubens - actor

Danny Elfman - composer

Connection to the film, Beetlejuice

Jeffrey Jones - actor

Danny Elfman

David Geffen

Connections to Johnny Depp

Connection to convicted child molester Cameron Thor

From the Hollywood Reporter article, A Beloved Acting Coach, a Teen Girl and Sexual Assault Charges: Cameron Thor's Accuser Breaks Silence, by Scott Johnson, published on April 20th, 2015: [3]

Thor spoke earnestly about his friendships with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Cameron Diaz; it's unclear whether these were actual friendships or simply an attempt to bolster his image.

Thor has worked with Depp as an acting coach, and since Depp stars in nearly all of Burton's films, this statement is likely to be true.[4]