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United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Covert and criminal activities

USAID (The United States Agency for International Development) is a federal agency with alleged connections to criminal activities in Haiti, Romania, and Cuba and likely many other countries. They are involved in activities ranging from from corruption to money laundering to direct covert actions to overthrow governments, but it is alleged they might also facilitate human trafficking as in the case of the Caracol Industrial Complex. They are close associates with George Soros' Open Society Foundations/Institute.

Since the 1996 reorganization, the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), while leading an independent agency, has also reported to the Secretary of State, as does the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. [1]

Assisted Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation in setting up several suspicious corporations in Haiti

Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State for the United States from 2009 to 2012.[2] During that period, there is significant evidence that she utilized the USAID to the benefit of herself and those close to her. For example, the USAID built its first port in 30 years at Cap-Haitien in Haiti, as well as a power plant,[3] both of which benefited her brother Tony Rodham's mining interests at VCS Mining, and SAE-A, a Korean garment operation that is a Clinton Foundation donor, who is housed at the Clinton Foundation's Caracol Industrial Complex.[4] Human trafficking journalist and possible murder victim, Monica Petersen, believed the VCS Mining operation and Caracol Industrial Complex may be involved in human trafficking.

Attempts to overthrow Fidel Castro's Cuba

Fake HIV workshops and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

According to an article on 21st Century Wire, USAID, "established a fake HIV prevention workshop in Cuba where their young recruits worked to turn young people against the Castro regime."[5] They do supply evidence for this claim, however. It turns out USAID funds and supports the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action (CANVAS). In addition, they carried out the HIV workshops alongside CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) front company Creative Associates International, another supporter of CANVAS.

To make things more suspicious, the HIV workshops were carried out despite U.S. government warnings to all contractors 'not' to go to Cuba. The reason for this being the on-going arrest of USAID employee Alan Gross. Alan Gross was imprisoned after smuggling sensitive technology. Despite all these warnings and scandals involiving USAID, they carried on with the HIV workshops and Creative Associates would later describe them as a "success story." Creative Associates goes on to state, "The group’s final report said the workshop would be used as a blueprint across the island."

In light of these developments, Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona and longtime critic of USAID’s Cuba projects, was quoted as saying:

These programs are in desperate need of adult supervision. If you are using an AIDS workshop as a front for something else, that’s … I don’t know what to say … it’s just wrong.

Source: 21st Century Wire


Sometime in 2010 USAID put into place a Cuban social media platform similar to twitter, named ZunZuneo. Exact information on who funded the program is unknown, but the funds allegedly came from foreign banks. Cuban subscribers, at one point totaling over 40,000, were thus unwittingly participating in a U.S. run program to influence public opinion. Many would be surprised that this was not the direct action of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), but rather the "humanitarian-aid" organization, USAID.Associated Press ( Democracy Now (

Government Accountability Office Review of USAID work in Haiti

In July 2013, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on the progress on the USAID's work in Haiti. The GAO found USAID's efforts have had "mixed results" and recommended increased oversight of the USAID's progress in Haiti. Among other things, the report criticizes USAID's handling of the construction of a new port at Cap-Haitien.

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