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see also: Operation Fernbridge, Operation Fairbank, Cyril Smith (Rochdale), Jimmy Savile, Elm Guest House, Islington, Lambeth Care Homes, etc

Jimmy Savile

see also: Operation Yewtree, Pedophile codes, Prince Andrew, Haut de la Garenne (Jersey), Cyril Smith, etc

Cyril Smith

see also: Rochdale, Sir Clement Freud, Operation Athabasca, Elm Guest House, Operation Jaguar, Westminster, etc

Kincora Boys' Home

see also: Northern Ireland, Victims speaking out

Elm Guest House child abuse scandal

see also: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (?)

Lambeth Care Homes

see also: Hampstead, Islington

Sea Cadets

see also: Jersey, Scotland


see also: Cyril Smith, Operation Doublet, Operation Augusta, Operation Span, Islam

Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal

see also: Pakistan, Islam, Operation Central

Oxford sex gang

see also: Islam, Eritrea, Pakistan

Telford sex gang

see also: Operation Chalice, Islam




Burnley (?)

High Wickham (?)




Peterborough sex abuse case

see also:

Bristol sex gang

see also:



- 11Aug2017 [1] - Newcastle sex ring: People care more about being called racist than preventing child abuse, says Rotherham's Labour MP - Speaking on the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme, Ms Champion said there was a need to 'acknowledge' that in all of the towns with similar cases 'the majority of the perpetrators have been British Pakistani'
- [2]


see also: Operation Cleopatra

North Wales - 1970s and 80s, 1991 child abuse and 2000 Waterhouse Inquiry

see also: Operation Pallial & Operation Avalanche


see also: Operation Daybreak

Derby sex gang

see also: Pakistan, Islam, Operation Retriever, Rochdale, Rotherham, etc

Islington Children's Homes

Plymouth child abuse case

wiki: English football sexual abuse scandal [3]

UK Football

from wiki: Child sexual abuse in the United Kingdom [4]


Leading investigators

Investigating entities

  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)
  • Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command (SOECA)
  • Homicide and Major Crime Command, Directorate of Professional Standard
  • Independent Police Complaints Commission
  • National Police ENquiry



quotes: "Prostitution rings are providing young boys to male customers in Washington and are reportedly selling information about their clients' sexual preferences to foreign intelligence services, a private investigator testified" ... "British, Israeli and Soviet agents had bought information from several call services in Washington" ..."appeared before the committee at the opening in New York City of a two-day hearing on prostitution among young males and on pornography" ... "an accountant for five call services had told him about the sale of information to foreign agents" ... "They're making more money selling information than on the prostitution itself" ... "Allegations of homosexual sex and drug use on Capitol Hill among Congressmen" ... "call service operations in Washington have some connection with organized crime in New York" ... "Earlier, a Washington detective testified that she had uncovered a six-city prostitution network that used 12-year-old boys and allowed customers to pay for sex with credit cards" ... " cities involved are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Washington and Houston"
  • 13Dec1983 - EIR Volume 10, Number 48 [8] - Will Great Britain's pedophile scandal bring down Lord Carrington?
  • 25June1987 [9] - CHILD SEX SCANDAL ROILS UNICEF UNIT - "The head of the United Nations Children's Fund in Belgium resigned today after the disclosure of a child pornography case linked to the Belgian branch of the organization" ... "In a statement issued in Geneva, UNICEF said it is deeply shocked by the scandal, which has led to 14 arrests in Belgium and others in Switzerland, France and Britain" etc
- Uncover UNICEF links to child-sex/espionage ring [10]from EIR Volume 14, Number 27, July 3, 1987


  • 19July1998 [11] - "ring of traders in child pornography whose images of abuse of even babies and infants were peddled via the Internet and other media to clients in Europe, Russia and the United States"... "found out about the ring after one of its members was killed several weeks ago, apparently by a rival" ... "ring operated from a small Dutch town, Zandvoort, and from Berlin"... "police said they had also found voluminous records of what appear to be clients and suppliers from countries including Israel, Ukraine, Britain, Russia and the United States. They say they believe that some of the photographed children are from Eastern Europe, while some of the short films were made on the Portuguese island of Madeira"... "Investigators said they found the material in June, in an apartment whose owner had been found dead in Italy" ... etc


Operation Ore launched on British TV screens on 20 May 2002. The BBC led on 'mass arrests over online child porn'. Thirty-six people were arrested, with promises of thousands more to follow. It made for compelling television, and provoked a rash of tabloid activity, but it also led to increased pressure on the police to bring the remaining thousands to justice.
  • 18June2007 [13] - Britain, U.S. break up online pedophile ring - 700 investigated; 31 children rescued as authorities shut global operation
"...Of the 31 children, some only a few months old...The ring was traced to an Internet chat room called “Kids the Light of Our Lives” that featured images of children being subjected to horrific sexual abuse, including the streaming live videos...Officials said the United States, Canada and Australia were Britain’s main partners in the investigation, which involved agencies from 35 countries. The international investigation dated back to August 2006 until the ringleader’s sentencing Monday...The international probe began after Canadian officials — conducting their own long-running pedophile investigation — tipped off authorities in London about a possible British link...U.S. officials declined to comment because their investigation is continuing in at least 12 states... In Germany, police are investigating two men in connection with the breakup of the ring, the country’s Federal Crime Office said. The host of the chat room, Timothy David Martyn Cox, 27, of Buxhall, who used the online identity “Son of God,” admitted to nine counts of possessing and distributing indecent images, authorities said...Cox also had been a member of a U.S.-based online pedophile ring shut down by U.S. authorities in March 2006, Gamble said...The host of the “Kiddypics” and “Kiddyvids” site in the earlier case adopted the username “G.O.D.,” and Cox’s online identity “Son of God” was believed to be a reference..."
See Also: United States of America, Germany, Canada, Australia


Massachusetts (British) 'cannibal' admits plot to kidnap and eat a child in dungeon under his home - Agents found child pornography and photos of children who appeared to be dead on his computer - Authorities have identified more than 140 child victims in seven countries - Portway, pleaded guilty to soliciting the kidnapping of a child and to the distribution and possession of child pornography
  • 9May2013 [16] [17] - Abuse scandals: Britain’s elite music education in crisis - As a Channel 4 News investigation implicates all five of Britain’s music schools in a sex scandal, the elite music world reels – with former pupils, teachers and professionals calling for an inquiry.
  • 18Feb2014 [18] - Why did it take four years to arrest Ian Watkins? Paedophile Lostprophets singer "could have been stopped sooner" - "new documentary will claim tonight that Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins could have been stopped four years before he was finally caught" ... "new evidence that as well as the police, social services were also told of serious concerns about him as long ago as 2008"
  • 20 June 2014 [19] - United Nations warns Britain over child voodoo rituals, pedophile sex tourists
  • 6 Jan 2015 [20] - North Yorkshire Police probed on paedophile claims
  • 4Feb2015 [21] - The historical child abuse inquiries and what happens next
  • 19 Oct 2015 [22] - Govt Conveniently Deleted Entire Database of Evidence of Documenting Paedophile Rings
- "The Independent Inquiry Into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) apologized this week after vital testimony from victims of child sexual abuse was “instantly and permanently deleted” from their servers. The agency said that the loss of data was due to a technical malfunction, which dumped an untold number of testimonies that were submitted to their official website. The agency now claims that there was no security breach, and that while the testimonies were lost, the privacy of the victims is not at risk. An Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) was established by the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, on 7 July 2014. The inquiry was intended to investigate why pedophile rings seemed to be exempt from capture. IICSA posted the following statement on their website: ... The commission is being ran by New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard, who is paid over a half million dollars for her work with the group. The following 60 minutes investigation explores the history of pedophile rings in the UK: ... "
  • 1 Dec 2015 [23] - Historical child abuse: Key investigations - There are a number of ongoing investigations and inquiries - criminal and otherwise - into historical abuse allegations at institutions across the UK. Here is a guide to the key inquiries and their scope
  • 4Jan2017 [24] - The British teenager kept as a sex slave in London for four years
  • 13 Jan 2017 [25] - UK Child Abuse Whistleblower Sentenced to Two Year Custodial Sentence
  • 11 July 2017 [26] - Victim of paedophile Imam who fled the UK warns other children could be in danger
- see also: Islam
  • 20 July 2017 [27] Forced child migration 'bigger abuse scandal than Savile' - Over 50 years (1920s to 1974), 130,000 British children were sent to ex-colonies such as Australia to ease the UK's orphanage population, many were not orphans, described as "probably the biggest national sex abuse scandal"
  • 23 July 2017 [28] - UK Unaware of Whereabouts of at Least 100 Child Refugees Smuggled From Calais, France

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