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note: 'peacekeeping' forces enjoy immunity from prosecution in the state they are deployed to for policing, which can only be waived by the U.N. secretary-general to assist the flow of justice

United Nations Brigandage

The blog, United Nations Brigandage, focuses on spotlighting instances of United Nations corruption, which frequently involves pedophilia.[Archived Version (of first page)]


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DynCorp, Kathryn Bolkovac and Bosnia

John Ashe: Antigua's (see: Antigua and Barbuda) former Ambassador to the UN on List of mysterious deaths


Central African Republic



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Temple of Understanding - see Col. Rene Mayerus and Douglas MacArthur II

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  • Jun 24, 1987 Head of the United Nations's Children's fund in Belgium resigns after linked to child porn ring
- see: Pedophile networks shut down
  • Submission to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child by BishopAccountability.org [2]
"BishopAccountability.org submitted this letter and report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) to assist in the CRC's historic review of the Holy See (Vatican)’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In our submissions, we discuss the Holy See's knowledge and management of cases of clergy sexual abuse worldwide, its continued refusal to require reporting to civil authorities, and Pope Francis's problematic choice to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith...."
  • 1July2003 [3] - (AP) UN ship 'carried child prostitutes'
  • 20June2014 [4] - United Nations warns Britain over child voodoo rituals, pedophile sex tourists
  • 2Oct2014 [5] - The UN let off peacekeepers involved in a Haitian boy's rape
  • 29April2015 [6] - UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops - Anders Kompass said to have passed confidential document to French authorities because of UN’s failure to stop abuse of children in Central African Republic
  • 11Aug2015 [8] - CAR: UN troops implicated in rape of girl and indiscriminate killings must be investigated
  • 13Aug2015 [9] - The U.N. Is Not Serious About Its Peacekeeper Rape Problem - Despite investigations into crimes in the Central African Republic, impunity still reigns.
  • 27Feb2016 [11] - ‘Sometimes when I’m alone with my baby, I think about killing him. He reminds me of the man who raped me.’ - Members of a U.N. peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic allegedly turned to sexual predation, betraying their duty to protect
  • 12April2017 [12] - (AP) AP Exclusive: UN child sex ring left victims but no arrests
  • 12April2017 [14] - Sri Lanka UN peacekeepers accused of involvement in Haiti child-sex ring - More than 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse have been made against UN personnel over 12 years.
- "...UN peacekeeper from Sri Lanka patrols the neighborhood of Grand Ravine in Port-au-Prince in September 2006... Associated Press reviewed UN data during a 12-year period from 2004, during which time there were nearly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse globally ... the most egregious cases involved 134 Sri Lanka peacekeepers in Haiti allegedly sexually abusing nine children as young as 12 in a sex ring between 2004 and 2007 ... UN received complaints in 2007 of "suspicious interactions" between Sri Lanka soldiers and Haiti children with investigators interviewing nine victims as well as witnesses ... AP reported UN data stating that there were 150 allegations of abuse and exploitation by UN personnel in Haiti between 2004 and 2016, out of the worldwide total of nearly 2,000, with victimizers also coming from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria and Pakistan ... UN has no jurisdiction over peacekeepers requiring punishment to come from the countries that contributed the troops. In March 2017, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced a crackdown on sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers and other personnel ... "
  • (Haiti) 13April2017 [15] - Report: United Nations ‘Peacekeepers’ Ran Child Sex Ring In Haiti, Not A Single One Faced Jail - The Associated Press reports that at least 134 U.N. peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti from 2004 to 2007, with not a single one going to jail.
keywords/phrases: United Nations does not have jurisdiction over its peacekeepers, etc
  • 17April2017 [16] - U.N. Child Abuse Scandal Is Latest In History Of Sex Crimes Committed By Officials, Peacekeepers
  • 21July2017 [17] - UN Migration Agency Issues Report on Arrivals of Sexually Exploited Migrants, Chiefly from Nigeria


  • 1945 - UN founded
  • (2004-2007) [date?] - child sex ring was being run in Haiti by Sri Lanka U.N. Peacekeepers
  • May2014 [18] - an international NGO requested help from MINUSCA, the UN’s peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic: several displaced children in the capital, Bangui, had reported that they and their friends were being raped by international forces in exchange for food.
  • 19May2014 - a junior OHCHR Human Rights Officer on temporary assignment with MINUSCA and a UNICEF staff member conducted an interview with an 11-year-old boy. The child reported that a France soldier promised him food in exchange for oral sex, negotiated with a guard to bring him onto the base, raped him, and then gave him biscuits and cash. The boy gave a detailed description of the soldier and said he could positively identify him in a photo... There is no record that on May 19th, 2014 that first child interviewed was offered the immediate protection he required.
  • 20May2014 [19] - interview
  • 5June2014 [20] - interview
  • 17June2014 [21] - interview
  • 18June2014 [22] - interview
- [23] During the June 18th interview, a 13-year-old boy said he couldn’t number all the times he’d been forced to perform oral sex on soldiers but the most recent had been between June 8th and 12th, 2014—several weeks after the UN’s first interview. Even with solid proof that the crimes were still occurring as they gathered additional testimonies from children, MINUSCA, OHCHR, and UNICEF took no action. (UNICEF is cited in the human rights officer’s reports as having plans to attend to the interviewees’ education, family reunification, and psycho-social needs. UNICEF spokespeople have since been directed, ‘if asked,’ to state that those needs were met. No specifics are included about which children received assistance, or how many in total.)
  • 14July2014 [24] - Leaked documents show that additional UN officials in MINUSCA, Geneva, and New York received the human rights officer’s official final report of interviews with child victims before her departure from CAR, on July 14th, 2014. It is not known which UNICEF officials received final reports. In total, the interviews document sexual abuse of 13 children by a total of 16 peacekeepers: 11 were French, 3 were from Chad, and 2 were from Equatorial Guinea. Another 7 peacekeepers solicited children or acted as accomplices. The report implicates 23 soldiers in all.
- [25] at least 12 UN staff had received the human rights officer’s report. All were aware that no action had been taken, no authorities had been alerted, and the abuse was ongoing. One of the 12 recipients, Roberto Ricci, brought the report directly to the attention of his supervisor in Geneva, Anders Kompass. It was then that Mr. Kompass informed France diplomatic authorities, who requested a copy of the report in order to launch an investigation. Kompass delivered the report to the French authorities in July with a written and signed cover note and received written acknowledgement and thanks on July 30th from the French government, informing him that an investigation was underway. That official letter was stamped as received on August 5th and entered into the OHCHR correspondence log.
  • 1Aug2014 [26] - France investigators arrived in CAR’s capital, Bangui, on August 1st and questioned Renner Onana, MINUSCA’s Chief of Human Rights and Justice—the official who had received a summary report from the Human Rights Officer after each interview. The investigators were referred by MINUSCA to the Human Rights Officer, who asked first Renner Onana, and then Cecile Aptel, OHCHR’s Senior Legal Advisor, about whether to speak to the police. After consultation with the Office of Legal Affairs in New York, Aptel instructed her to reply to the French authorities that they should present any questions in writing through UN lawyers; the legal office would convey written answers.
  • 7Aug2014 [27] - Anders Kompass briefed OHCHR Deputy High Commissioner Flavia Pansieri and emailed the report to her on August 8th. The Deputy High Commissioner’s assistant, acknowledging receipt, informed Mr. Kompass by email that same day that the Executive Office of the Secretary-General had been briefed.
  • late 2014 date unknown [28] - OHCHR formally requested that the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) investigate Anders Kompass regarding ‘leaked cables’ in an incident involving Western Sahara.
  • 22Dec2014 [29] - just before the UN offices closed for the holiday break, the Secretary-General submitted the final report of the International Commission of Inquiry on the Central African Republic (S/2014/928). While the commission did not reference the MINUSCA/OHCHR/UNICEF report of abuse by international peacekeepers, it did provide a very specific recommendation: “The Secretary-General’s periodic reports on peacekeeping operations in the CAR should include an analysis of any violations that are alleged to have been committed by both UN peace-keepers and non-UN peacekeepers authorized by the Security Council.”
  • approx. March2015 [30] - when the Secretary-General submitted his annual report on the UN’s response to sexual exploitation and abuse for 2014, it contained no mention whatsoever of the reports of child sexual abuse in the Central African Republic
- [31] High Commissioner Zeid learned informally from UN Chef de Cabinet Susanna Malcorra that Anders Kompass had been cleared of wrongdoing in the Western Sahara case because the investigation "could not substantiate any responsibility for Kompass."
  • 6March2015 [32] - a full eight months after she’d last heard any news about the CAR case, the Human Rights Officer who had interviewed the child victims spoke with two senior OHCHR lawyers. They questioned her about her report and her assignment in CAR, and then they briefed both Zeid and his deputy, Flavia Pansieri.
  • 12March2015 [33] - on Zeid’s orders and at the request of UN Peacekeeping head Hervé Ladsous, Deputy High Commissioner Flavia Pansieri asked Anders Kompass to resign.
  • 19-20March2015 [34] - at the Secretary-General’s Senior Staff Retreat in Turin, Italy on March 19-20, 2015, Chef de Cabinet Susanna Malcorra arranged a meeting between Zeid, Deputy High Commissioner Flavia Pansieri, Under-Secretary-General (USG) for OIOS Carman Lapointe, and the UN’s Director of Ethics, Joan Dubinsky, to discuss Anders Kompass. At the meeting, these senior UN officials decided to open an investigation into Kompass—a fact made even more striking by the knowledge that OIOS and the UN Ethics Office are meant to operate at arm’s-length from the rest of the UN system, in order to ensure accountability and transparency.
  • 7April2015 [35] - Deputy Swedish Ambassador to the UN called Chef de Cabinet Susanna Malcorra. Unable to reach her, he called Joan Dubinsky, Director of the UN Ethics Office. He told her he was informed about an OHCHR report about paedophilia alleged against French soldiers in MINUSCA. Furious that Kompass had been asked to resign without any trace of an investigation or due diligence, he warned that "it would not be a good thing if the High Commissioner for Human Rights forced Mr. Kompass to resign. If that occurred, it would go public, and a harmful and ugly debate would occur."
  • 9April2015 [36] - Zeid formally requested an OIOS investigation into Kompass for his ‘leak’ of the report of sexual abuse in the Central African Republic.
  • week of 13April2015 [37] - a month after his refusal to resign, Kompass was suspended with pay and escorted from his office. He challenged OHCHR’s actions against him before the UN’s Dispute Tribunal; a judge subsequently found in his favor and demanded his reinstatement—pending the outcome of the investigation that is now under way.
  • midMay2015 [38] - The Director of the Investigations Unit in the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), who would normally oversee such a case, recused himself from involvement in the investigation. He had protested in writing to his supervisor, OIOS USG Carman Lapointe, that a decision had been made at the highest levels to investigate Kompass, that the requisite intake process to first determine whether an investigation was warranted had been bypassed, that due process had been abridged, and because of this, any investigation would be prejudiced and improper. The USG for OIOS replied that while she agreed that such processes are usual, the senior management had decided to bypass these processes, and the Director of the Investigative Unit should abide by senior staff’s wishes. She wrote, “Agreed; however in this case I have decided.” When questioned by Member States in mid-May about why her Director of Investigations had recused himself from the investigation of Kompass, OIOS Under-Secretary-General Lapointe responded that she did not know why.
  • 3June2015 [39] - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced plans for an external independent review to examine events following the sexual abuse of children in the Central African Republic. AIDS-Free World welcomed the UN's response...
  • 24June2015 [40] - interview - after each interview ... the OHCHR human rights officer delivered her notes to MINUSCA; the UNICEF staff members wrote up their own notes of forced oral sex and anal rape of boys aged 8 to 15—and still no action was taken.
  • 29April2015 [41] - the world learned of disturbing accounts of sexual abuse of young boys by France, Chad, and Equatorial Guinea peacekeepers at a displaced persons camp in the Central African Republic (CAR). The interviews, which had been conducted nearly a year earlier by staff from the UN’s Office of the High Commission for Human Rights and UNICEF, were leaked to the Guardian newspaper by AIDS-Free World. The resulting article also detailed the account of Anders Kompass, a career human rights official from Sweden, who had been suspended and was being investigated by the UN for his role in passing details of the abuse to the France government...
  • 17Dec2015 [42] - (External Independent Review panel) "CAR Panel" 's report documented "gross institutional failure" in the UN's handling of allegations of peacekeeper sexual abuse in the Central African Republic and found that Anders Kompass had not acted outside his scope of authority. It also found three individuals — Babacar Gaye (Special Representative of the Secretary-General for MINUSCA), Renner Onana (Chief, Human Rights and Justice Section, MINUSCA) and Carman Lapointe (Under-Secretary-General for OIOS) — had abused their authority.]

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