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Victor Pinchuk is an Ukrainian oligarch and the largest individual donor to both the Clinton Foundation and the Tony Blair Foundation. He made his fortune with the industrial pipe business Interpipe Group. [1] He has also worked with George Soros on human rights projects. He runs the Victor Pinchuk Foundation for his philanthropic endeavors. [2]

He is married to Olena Pinchuk. Olena is the daughter of Leonid Kuchma, the former president of Ukraine. Pinchuk's father-in-law is also a suspect to the murder of the journalist Georgy Gongadze. [3] [4]

Ties to CrowdStrike

Victor Pinchuk funds the cyber firm CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike was hired to examine the DNC (Democratic National Committee) servers to determine if it had been hacked by Russia. It issued a report purporting to find evidence of Russian interference. Even though CrowdStrike is funded by Victor Pinchuk, who gave millions to the Clinton Foundation, this clear conflict of interests was ignored. CrowdStrike's co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch also is a senior fellow at The Atlantic Council think tank, which is openly anti-Russia. The credibility of CrowdStrike eroded after it was discovered it had previously claimed Russia had hacked a Ukrainian military app even though this was later determined to be completely wrong and that no cyber attack had even occurred.[5][6]

Money Laundering and His Connection to the IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) illegally deposited funds intended for Ukraine in the personal banks of Victor Pinchuk and Ukrainian Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. $1.8 billion in total went to Pinchuk's bank Credit Dnepr and Kolomoisky's Privatbank. [7] Interpipe Group had been bailed out in 2013 and was in poor financial shape and Pinchuk owed money to the IMF. The FBI was also investigating $13 million he gave to the Clinton Foundation some of which Russian investigators said came from theft and fraud, such as when Pinchuk looted his own Rossiya insurance company. [8]

Why the IMF did not collect from Pinchuk but instead helped him and another Oligarch steal funds is unknown. It is theorized that it was because of blackmail and Pinchuk being involved in human trafficking and pimping. The IMF's man in Ukraine, Jerome Vacher partied on Pinchuk's personal yacht in Venice on the eve of a very important IMF mission in Ukraine. Usually such projects involve preparation up to the last minute making this extremely unusual. [9] Yachts are considered to be an excellent way of engaging in prostitution and rape (including pedophilia) without allowing the cops to barge in or the victim to escape. This incident was a possible honey pot operation.

Another connection Pinchuk has to the IMF is the disgraced former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is currently employed on the supervisory board of Pinchuk's bank Credit Dnepr. In 2012 Strauss-Kahn went to court on charges of "aggravated pimping" after engaging in sex parties with prostitutes in France. The charges were dropped in 2015 because in France being a John is not a crime and only pimping is criminalized. Without evidence of his being behind the sex rings Strauss-Kahn was released. [10] [11]

Plan for a Middle Eastern pipeline

Victor Pinchuk may have breeched US sanctions by trading with Iran. It appears material for the construction for a pipeline was intended to be sent to a city near the Caspian sea. [12]

Interpipe also appeared to have intended a pipeline from Qatar to Turkey and Europe. Qatar first proposed this idea in 2009. Interpipe signed a deal with Turkey and Jordan consistent with this plan. [13]

It is hypothesized that the pipeline plan is the root of the feud that took place between Pinchuk and fellow Ukrainian oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov, who worked in the oil business. [14] The three might have all intended it as a joint project but it fell apart due to the weak state of Interpipe and the need of the other oligarchs to fund it in order to keep the plan afloat. If this is the case, it would explain why the IMF laundered money to both Pinchuk and Kolomoisky before their business relationship soured.

In 2003 the oligarchs began their feud. Kolomoisky allegedly threatened Pinchuk's lawyer Sergei Karpenko. Mr. Karpenko's assistant was beaten and Karpenko himself was later repeatedly stabbed. The assailants were said to be linked to Kolomoisky's bodyguard Sergei Nikitin. Nikitin himself was found dead in a river a few weeks after the accusations against him were made. The three oligarchs later settled out of court. [15]

Connection to Artek Camp

His wife's organization ANTIAIDS held a graffiti festival at the summer camp Artek in Kiev, Ukraine. [16] In 2009 a major scandal broke out after children reported being raped at Artek. [17]It had far reaching political implications because three top officials of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko were accused of child rape. [18] Having been a political ally of Tymoshenko it is speculated that Pinchuk used his financial influence to try to encourage Hillary Clinton to pressure the next Prime minister Viktor Yanukovych to release Tymoshenko after she was arrested on unrelated charges. Douglas Schoen claimed to have connected Pinchuk with State Department staffers for this reason. [19]

Connection To Courchevel

In another interesting coincidence, Victor Pinchuk paid more than 6.6 million for his 50th birthday which took place at a French ski resort Courchevel which had once been raided by police for holding a prostitution ring. The lavish party included a circus and Pinchuk wanted 150 kids to attend. The guest list to the event was kept secret but Hillary Clinton was reportedly invited.[20]

Pinchuk Art Centre

Pinchuk also own the Pinchuk Art Centre which showcases contemporary art. [21] The Art Newspaper said of Pinchuk's art collection "Rarely has so much money been spent so quickly on so much bad art."[22]

The Pinchuk Art Centre has showcased the work of Pizzagate players such as Jeff Koons [23], Damien Hirst [24], and Marina Abramovic [25].

Cradles of Hope Neonatal Center

Part of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation is the program Cradles of Hope which is a series of neonatal centers in the Ukraine set up to save the lives of premature Ukrainian children. [26] Ukraine has a large premature birth rate for several unusual reasons. The first is that it allows commercial surrogacy and the in vitro process causes the risk of premature birth to go up 45%. There are numerous instances of surrogate babies being trafficked to anyone willing to pay in illegal adoptions. [27] [28]

The second reason is Ukrainian women are often paid $200 to $300 dollars to carry their pregnancies to a late stage and then force a premature birth. The babies are then harvested for their organs by those who are in the business of trafficking baby body parts. Late term abortions are encouraged in Ukraine for a similar purpose.[29] The organs and bones removed from the babies are also broken down for stem cells to sell on the global market. Ukraine is the leading seller of stem cells. [30] [31]

When Chelsea Clinton went to visit one of the Cradles of Hope maternity hospitals in 2012, Daisy Dumas described her as looking "broody." [32] It is not clear if the Cradles of Hope neonatal centers are involved with any criminal enterprise but in the climate of corruption involving human trafficking and organ trafficking in maternity hospitals in Ukraine it should be considered.

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