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Wikileaks is founded by Julian Assange in 2006 and serves as a journalistic platform that releases and leaks secret information otherwise hidden from the public to expose injustice and coverups about significant people and events, for example war crimes, the Podesta emails[1], Hillary Clinton, or information from secret intelligence agencies. WikiLeaks' influence for the past decade in world politics and its associations with activists such as Edward Snowden have had the organization labelled as criminal by politicians.

The large scale Pizzagate scandal originates from suspicion of possible pedophile codes found in leaked e-mail conversations, hinting the existence of a covertly organized and corrupt elite class.

(Non-Culpable) Relationship to #Pizzagate

(Non-Culpable) Connection to the Dutroux Affair

From the Australian article, WikiLeaks slammed over publishing dossier including Belgian pedophile killer Marc Dutroux, by David Charter, published on August 27th, 2010:[2]

WIKILEAKS is at the centre of a new row after publishing uncensored police files from the investigation into a child killer.

The files include lurid evidence and wild accusations against one of Belgium's leading politicians.

A senior prosecutor vowed to try to block the 1235-page dossier, much of which is drawn from interviews with rent boys and with Marc Dutroux, a pedophile who was jailed for life in 2004 for killing four girls and a former associate.

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