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Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia freely accessible as well as for editors. There is an ongoing debate that anyone, specifically pedophiles, can edit articles in favor of their agenda.[1]

Wikipedia was co-founded by Jimmy Wales, who started his online career with Mobis, an adult erotica search engine. He gave up all his editorial and administrative privileges on the site after a purge removing thousands of pornographic images.[2] Larry Sanger was co-founder, who reported child pornography found on Wikimedia Commons, parent company of Wikipedia, to the FBI in 2010.[3]

According to Wikimedia counsel Michael Godwin, reason for suppression of an investigative Wikinews (Wikimedia controlled news outlet) article into publishing underage pornographic content in 2008, the nature of the article might be defamatory to Erik Möller, for allegations of child pornography distribution on his personal blog. [4]

Erik Möller was Deputy Director of Wikimedia Foundation until 2015. He discussed the role of children in pornography in a lecture "Kinder Sind Pornos" which translates to "Children are porn". He was accused of distributing hard core child pornography on his personal blog. His username on Wikipedia is Eloquence[5], with which he for example created a Wikipedia entry "Child sexuality"[6], watch-list of his account which includes Child abuse, Child sexual abuse, Child sexuality, Pedophilia[7]. He has contradicts being a defendant of pedophilia.[8]

Hemanshu Nigam, who began his career as Los Angeles County prosecutor specializing in sex crimes and child abuse before serving as a federal prosecutor against online crimes against children and computer crimes in the US DOJ[9], has criticized Wikipedia for neglecting its responsibility combating pedophile activity. “It’s nothing more than a company that is choosing to ignore the worst kind of exploitation in the world,” he said.[10]

"Debunking" Pizzagate

Wikipedia articles referring to Pizzagate falsely state it's a debunked conspiracy theory.[11][12]

Wikipedia's connections to pedophilia

Wikipedia defends pedophilia
relevant satire; parodied logo
From Voat user CaptnMeowMix [13]:

Other Wikipedia related issues

"So keep that in mind next time you're using Wikipedia for any research." - CaptnMeowMix


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